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Imagine the taste and flavour of perfectly steeped TEA TOTAL tea with the convenience of a tea bag. Deluxe pyramid tea bags are a new type of innovative brewing. Unlike conventional tea bags, the pyramid shape allows full leaf teas the space to expand and brew perfectly, just as they would in a tea pot. Tea isn’t hidden within bleached paper but available for inspection behind a shimmering gossamer filter. The pyramid teabags, including tag and string, are made from polylactic acid (PLA), not the nylon material that many tea companies use. The PLA material is derived from corn starch and does not contain any polypropylene plastic that we are aware of. The tea bags are sealed using a transducer which applies pressure at an exact temperature – this cuts and seals each bag without the addition of any other materials.
PLA products generally take up to 6 months to degrade in a commercial composting facility. However, in a home composting facility, it may take longer time. So we don’t say that they are Biodegradable.

We stock the following range of TEA TOTAL pyramid tea bags (20 per resealable pouch):

ASSAM ORGANIC BREAKFAST. Traditional black tea. Certified organic tea from the Banaspaty tea gardens in Assam, northern India. Medium strength. Contains caffeine.

EARL GREY PARIS. Flavoured black tea. A delightful twist on French Earl Grey, bergamot provides the base flavour with sweet hints of vanilla and rose petals rounding out the experience. Medium strength. Contains caffeine.

EARL GREY SPECIAL. Flavoured black tea. Black tea with bergamot, citrus pieces, lemongrass, cornflowers and jasmine flowers. One of TEA TOTAL’s bestsellers. Medium strength. Contains caffeine.

FENG SHUI. Flavoured green tea. This remarkable blend of green tea, fruits and flowers will energise your taste buds with it’s light sweet raspberry and fruit taste. Contains caffeine.

GINGER KAWAKAWA SPICE. Herbal infusion. The ginger, lemon, kawakawa and peppery flavours are bold and intense, filling your mouth with warmth. Caffeine free.

GINGER LEMON KISS. Fruit infusion. One of the most sought after flavour combinations – ginger and lemon. For a nice twist on the theme we’ve used lemongrass, not just straight lemon. The ginger isn’t too strong and there’s a touch of sweetness. Caffeine free.

JADE GREEN SENCHA. Traditional green tea. This Japanese style sencha comes from Vietnam and offers a light cup and big leaf with well balanced flavour. Contains caffeine.

JAPANESE LIME. Flavoured green tea. One of TEA TOTAL’s bestsellers. Contains caffeine.

MADAGASCAR ROOIBOS VANILLA. Herbal infusion. Featuring cuts of bourbon vanilla, the purest vanilla pods from Madagascar blended with South African red bush tea. Caffeine free.

MANUKA & FLOWER DETOX. Herbal infusion. A detoxifying blend of manuka leaves, blackberry, & raspberry leaves, red sandalwood, strawberry, nettle & walnut leaves, oats, fennel, lemon balm, peppermint, dandelion, everlasting, marigold & larkspur flowers plus liquorice root. Caffeine free.

OTAGO SUMMER FRUITS. Fruit infusion. A popular light sweet infusion. Caffeine free.

SPECIAL BLEND BREAKFAST. Traditional black tea. TEA TOTAL’s signature breakfast blend made from the finest selection of ‘leafy grades’ available in Sri Lanka, the home of Ceylon tea. Medium strength. Contains caffeine.

If you wish to purchase additional quantities than those shown as available, OR if you wish to purchase TEA TOTAL’s loose leaf teas (we stock a selection of these, please Contact Us and we will advise whether this is possible.

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