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The Oku New Zealand Native Herbs tea range focuses on the herb Kawakawa and builds other New Zealand herbs such as Hoheria and Manuka and other more contemporary herbs around it, giving the teas distinct and original flavours while also offering some therapeutic benefits.

Please choose from the following teas and elixirs:

PURE – Pure Kawakawa tea. Gives you the full benefit of its exceptional tonic actions. A plant considered one of the most important in traditional Maori Medicine (Rongoa). Used for many common ailments including circulatory, digestive & rheumatic complaints. Also used as a restorative and cleansing herb. (NB. The 150g bulk buy comes packaged in a resealable bag).

DIGEST – Soothing tea. Useful after meals to aid digestion. Both Wildcrafted Kawakawa & Organic Peppermint are traditionally used as digestive tonics. These combine with the digestive healing properties of native Wildcrafted Hoheria & Organic Ginger.

ENERGISE – Invigorating tea. Perfect as a morning beverage or any time you want a lift. The warming tonic properties of Wildcrafted Kawakawa combine with a hint of Organic Ginger, the sweetness of Organic Licorice & the antioxidant properties of Organic Sencha Green tea. Contains caffeine.

PROTECT (previously IMMUNE) – Fortifying tea. Help boost your immmune function with this blend combining the best of the NZ bush (Wildcrafted Manuka & Wildcrafted Kawakawa) with traditional herbs (Wildcrafted Elderflower & Organic Rosehips).

RESTORE – Strengthening and cleansing tea. Combines a remarkable blend of native herbs (Karamu, Kawakawa, Manuka, Kumarahou) with Organic Nettles (nutritive) & Organic Cinnamon (spicy).

MANUKA – Most well-known for the honey made from this herb, however traditionally used as a tea replacement by early settlers in New Zealand. They used the fragrant leaf that contains the potent properties of the Manuka essential oil. Manuka offers an incredible ability to help with a wide range of infections (especially bacterial and fungal) and aid conditions as diverse as anxiety to incontinence. This blend balances the pure taste of Manuka with hints of Organic Spearmint and Organic Lemon Peel that lends minty and citrus tones to this unique NZ plant.

COUGH & CHEST ELIXIR (ADULT) – A blend of Wildcrafted NZ Native Herbs that include the remarkable Kumarahou which has a rich traditional use for a wide range of respiratory conditions. It has a completely natural base with no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. Uses instead the beautiful & therapeutic properties of NZ Rewarewa honey. A unique formulation that may assist with both wet & dry coughs. People have also found it helpful in asthma & other chronic respiratory complaints. This is the full strength combination that can be taken by Children aged 1 & over.
Ingredients: Kumarahou, Kawakawa, Manuka, Hoheria, Horopito, Ginger, Rewarewa Honey, Peppermint Oil. Non actives: Apple & Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Glycerine.

IMMUNE & INFECTION ELIXIR – OKU Immune & Infection Elixir combines a superstar combination of herbs & nutrients designed specifically to support & assist with your natural immunity & to help ward off infections. Two key NZ Native Herbs Kawakawa & Manuka combined with the two very well-known traditional western herbs of Olive Leaf & Echinacea purpurea. These herbs are blended with a lovely Rewarewa Honey Herbal Infusion of Elder Berries & Flower & the key immune nutrients of Vitamin C & Zinc.
Ingredients: Kawakawa & Manuka Blend, Olive Leaf, Echinacea purpurea, Elderflower & Elderberry blend, Rewarewa Honey, Vitamin C, Zinc. Non actives: Apple Juice Concentrate, Glycerine.

KAWAKAWA HEALING BALM – A premium soothing, cooling and healing rub that is 50% made up of the incredible NZ Wildcrafted Herbs Kawakawa & Hoheria blended with the wonderful properties of Organic Calendula & NZ Hemp Seed Oils. The herbs are complemented with the diverse qualities of Organic German Chamomile & Wildcrafted Manuka Essential Oils. These ingredients are added to a nourishing & moisturising 100% natural base of Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter, Fair Trade Organic Coconut Oil & NZ Beeswax. This product can be used on broken skin and may support many different skin complaints.
Ingredients: Kawakawa, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, NZ Hemp Seed, Hoheria, Calendula, NZ Beeswax, German Chamomile & Manuka Essential Oil
Directions: Apply to affected area 2-3x daily. Use more frequently if required.


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