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ASSAM FOP – This is a classic luxury Assam tea (tippy golden flowery orange pekoe grade) with a traditional leaf style. Produced from the Bukhial estate during June, this tea embodies the flavour one expects from a top Assam tea estate. The infusion is very bright and golden coppery. Medium strength.

ASSAM GBOP SEPON – Superb growing conditions make this orthodox style luxury black tea (golden broken orange pekoe grade) from the Hunwal estate consistently excellent. The leaf is well graded and nicely twisted offering a bright liquor with deep notes of malt and layers of astringency. The rich flavorful cup is excellent with a dash of milk and is the perfect companion to a traditional English breakfast. Strong.

ASSAM GFBOP ZALONI – This luxury black tea (golden flowery broken orange pekoe grade) from the Zaloni estate is grown on the banks of mighty Brahmaputra. The tea has a deep amber color and creamy malty character with sweet fruity and mild honeyed notes, making it a delight anytime of the day but best enjoyed in morning. Medium to strong.

ASSAM CTC SOONGACHI – Soongachi means ‘Golden Tree’ in Bengali, the home of this robust tea. CTC is a type of tea prepared by the Cut-Torn-Curled method. It is a strong tea and high in caffeine. Strong.

ASSAM FTGFOP MOKALBARI (Tea Total) – A large leaf tea with lots of golden tips, the taste is malty and smooth. This is a first quality tea full of elegance. Medium strength.


Brewing suggestion: 1 level or 1 heaped teaspoon per cup (depending on strength desired and whether milk is added). Add freshly boiled water. Infuse for 3-7 minutes according to taste. Compatible with milk.

Cellophane bag for samples; packed to order.
Original resealable bag for pre-packaged Coffee and Tea Lovers, Metropolitan Tea, T Leaf T and Tea Total teas.
Brown Detpak tin tie resealable polylined bag for other teas; packed to order.
Vacuum packed nitrogen flushed bag for Metropolitan Tea bulk buys.


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